…the old fashioned way.

You think I’m joking, right? Well, I’m not.

Reasons to pop popcorn the old fashioned way:

  1. It saves money. I purchased a 32 oz. bag of generic popcorn kernels for $1.00, regular price. Those kernels will yield 108 cups of popped popcorn. You will need some sort of cooking oil, so factor in that cost as well. Microwave popcorn is usually on sale for $2.00 a box. If you have a fifty-cent coupon, double that, you could get away for $1.00 a box. Three packages per box. Total popped popcorn per box: 31.5 cups of popped popcorn.
    Summary : Regular popcorn $1.00 for 108 cups, Microwave popcorn (on sale, with coupon) $1.00 for 31.5 cups, Microwave popcorn (regular price) $3.00 for 31.5 cups.

  2. It’s fresher and you know what’s in it. Freshly popped popcorn beats the microwave kind anyday, plus you control the salt, fat, and artificial coloring and flavoring.

  3. Arts and Crafts. Popped popcorn can be used in various craft projects around the house, especially around the holidays. Use it as garland for a tree or to use when packing gifts.

  4. You don’t need a microwave. You just need a stove or a hot plate, and a pot with a lid.

Pot, Pan or Skillet Method. Measure 1/4 cup cooking oil into pan. Add a single kernel of corn. Cover and heat at medium-high setting. When kernel pops, add just enough corn to cover pan bottom, one kernel deep. Cover and shake gently. When popping slows, remove from heat. Season to taste or use in your favorite recipe.

Try topping your popped popcorn with melted butter, salt and pepper, finely shredded parmesan cheese, garlic powder, Old Bay or Cajun seasoning!