2 to 3 bottles ginger ale (I usually add 2 and use the 3rd to refill)
2 bottles champagne (add 1 at a time depending on how strong you want the punch and/or the size of the punch bowl; then use the 2nd to refill)
1 small can frozen strawberries
3/4 can (large) crushed pineapple
1 small frozen lemonade
sherbet (I use lemon flavored)
Mix all of the ingredients in a large punch bowl and add ice if desired.

Recipe courtesy of Mary Ellen. She said: I purchased a really nice champagne punch bowl set at an antiques mall and you can find then sold reasonably at estate sales or yard sales. It is worth purchasing as it is hard to get all this liquid in any other size bowl – plus it looks so elegant! Have fun and drink responsibly!!