…I have had an awful headache.
…I am trying to be a positive person and thankful for what I have. I hate being cranky.
…We had a wonderful time spending time together as a family.
…Haven was full of herself. Cracking us up several times.
…We introduced Haven to her first taste of Barney.
…We went to the local yard sale at the neighborhood elementary school. Didn’t buy a damn thing, which was fine.
…Went to the farmer’s market. Bought some fresh salsa.
…Stopped in at the coffee shop down the street for a mocha. Mmmmm.
…Had sushi and tempura for dinner at a (new-to-us) establishment right down the street. Additional perk: They like toddlers.
…Matt mowed the grass and put fertilizer down. All before 9:30 am.
…My allergic nose is not getting better. Hoping that the insurance will cover my nasal steroid. If not, I think it would be cheaper for me to snort cocaine.
…Matt and Haven napped while I attempted to snooze. Reason I couldn’t nap? See above.

And, although I am not basking in the sun in Jamaica like Gwen or riding in the desert on a motorcycle adventure to Phoenix like Brooke, I’m a pretty happy and lucky gal.

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  1. Brooke says:

    You’ve got it good girlfriend! Reading this list makes me miss you… I’m working on getting back out there! I have a second job interview within my company on thursday morning. Wish me luck! If I get it, I can buy a ticket to come see you guys!!

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