it’s all green to me…

We aren’t the brightest in the bunch when it comes to horticulture.  I can identify a handful of plants, flowers and trees, but just enough to get by.  In Blacksburg, we made friends with our neighbors who were experts when it came to identifying sprouting organisms.  In Wisconsin, we pretty much had grass and trees and the grass grew like gangbusters because of the climate.  In Richmond we were BLESSED with neighbors who actually enjoyed to WEED our flowerbeds and plant grass.  Bridget SPOILED us.  Our yard now is sprinkled with beautiful hydrangeas and Japanese maples, but has desperately needed to be scaled down a bit, decluttered and reorganized so that plants are properly placed for the amount of sun exposure and whatnot.  Not to mention dips and divets in the yard need to be filled, trees need to be trimmed, the yard needs to be dethatched, aerated, graded and seeded.  Yessireebob.  A lot to be done.  And that ain’t even the half of it.

So, we hired a landscaper to come to tackle the mess and make it all pretty again.  He’s a local guy.  Lives right down the street.  Does most of the landscaping in the hood.  We have only heard good things about him, so we are pretty excited to see the end result.

I took a few pictures over the weekend to showcase what the yard looked like before and hope to continue taking pictures throughout the renovations.  I hope you enjoy watching the transformation as much as we do.

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