status update : week 22

This week the pregnancy support group I joined met at a local coffee shop and nine out of ten members showed up. We were like the pregnant posse! I am very glad that I found such a group and have been able to talk to women going through the exact same thing as me. One thing that strikes me as funny/odd is that I have been married the longest out of our entire group. Most of the women have only been married a year or two, one *just* got married (she had been engaged for a while and getting pregnant just sped up the wedding), and there is one gal who has been married four years, but my almost seven years of marriage definitely wins the award for longest matrimony.

We talked about topics for future meetings including breastfeeding, budgeting, getting together with new mom’s for a Q & A session and a diaper swap. It appears that all of us will either work from home or be stay at home mom’s, which will definitely be nice after the babies arrive. Because we come from different backgrounds, it will be interesting and helpful to have different viewpoints to make it through the upcoming months!

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