take a guess tuesday II : week thirty-six

Since we are always on the go, little things often get pushed down on the list of things to do. Close to the very, very bottom is anything regarding interior decorating. Unless it is functional and serves a purpose (shelving, etc.) it didn’t happen. Therefore, we have paintings and pictures that never made it on the wall. Haven’s nursery walls were bare white and now that she is in her “new” room, the walls are (yet again) white. But, I am being adventurous and I’ve decided to do some trendy decorating in her room. Wish me luck. And, guess the colors I chose!

a. Pink and orange.
b. Lime green.
c. Turquoise and red.
d. Gray and orange.

The answer to last-last week’s question is:
b. Mild contractions in the middle of the night. Since I never had real contractions with Haven, this is very different. I’m becoming more accustomed to feeling them and “riding the wave”, but it is a strange sensation. Knowing the baby is head down has definitely played a part in my anxiousness, but the contractions are a reminder that this is all going to be happening before we know it.

4 Responses to “take a guess tuesday II : week thirty-six”

  1. Rich Alderman says:

    I’m thinking lime green. I am also thinking there is some nesting instinct going on here.

  2. Sharlyn says:

    Although I like the overall calming feeling of the turquoise with pops of red, I’m digging the gray and orange. To me the combo says, “Fun, but growing up.” Haven is going to be the BIG sister!! :)

  3. lmead says:

    And we have a new contestant on TAGT! Welcome aboard, Rich!

  4. lmead says:

    I can hardly believe that Haven is going to be the big kid of the house!

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