take a guess tuesday II : week thirty-one

Yes, we skipped a week. I needed a chance to catch my breath before September rolled around. But I think we are back on track.

At the end of August, our friends Steve and Christy welcomed a son, Jonathan Thomas, into the world. I am in complete awe of Christy’s determination and strength throughout the birthing process. So, in her honor, this week’s TAGT is about her.

How many hours of labor did Christy endure?

a. 25-30
b. 30-35
c. 35-40
d. 40+

The answer to last-last week’s question is:
a. shaved my legs

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. A razor has not touched my legs this summer. Think whatever you want.

One Response to “take a guess tuesday II : week thirty-one”

  1. Megan says:

    I say Amen sista. I think I shaved my legs twice the whole time I was pregnant. I figured my belly was so big, no one would notice my legs.

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