you say goodbye…

…I say hello.

This week Nate and Shanna found out that their German Shepherd, Bailey (aka “The BIG dog”) has not one, but two types of terminal cancer.  He’s lost a significant amount of weight, resulting in muscle mass loss, but remains quite upbeat and cheery, albeit a little more mellow, throughout the ordeal.  While he doesn’t appear to be in significant pain he is beginning to become weaker and we all know his time is growing exponentially shorter.  The ray of sunshine throughout all of this is that Nate came home last night for two weeks of vacation.  Two blissful weeks with his family, uninterrupted by work.  And, while it sucks ass to have to be on vacation when all this is going on, Nate and Bailey will be able to say hello, and goodbye again.

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  1. Brooke says:

    Awww…. Bailey sounds like a tough doggie. That’s great that Nate’s able to come home to see him one last time.

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