Clambake…a review


This year’s Clambake was easy-breezy. We were ahead of schedule the entire day, the only snafu the day of the bake was an emergency run for forks, so all in all, it was a huge success. If you missed it, here’s pictures and some brief highlights.

  • Gorgeous, glistening Greg is a god when it comes to chopping wood. Just ask “the men” who admired him “theatre in the round” style.
  • What the fork? We don’t have any forks? Emergency run to get more.
  • Next year Laura earns her ten-year pin. Erin earns her twenty-year pin. They both would like recognition, please.
  • Erin is the cleanest Apprentice Fire Master. Ever.
  • Wooden tables and benches eventually rot and need to be replaced.
  • Seasoned firewood is a must for next year. Unless the transition to propane is a reality. Cliff, be prepared.
  • More family bonding activities for next year: horseshoes, volleyball and lawn darts are on the list. FYI : Everyone will be a winner.

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