so far today…

…I have:

All before 7 am. I am not super human, but I am beginning to think there is hope for me being a morning person in my future.

5 Responses to “so far today…”

  1. Holly says:

    Take out the laundry and replace dog with son, and our mornings are looking similar. :-)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help laughing at the thought of trying to catch a urine sample from a dog. :)

  3. lmead says:

    As you can imagine, it is hard to do. Especially with our older one. She gets all nervous when you are around her doing her “business”. I try to sneak up on her when she squats, but she promptly stands up with this “How dare you do that to me!” look. And, since the vet wants a first catch of the day, I get one shot every twenty four hours. UGH!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Update, please? Have you gotten the sample?

  5. lmead says:

    And on the fifth day (today was the fifth day of trying!) Lyndsey squeezed out about a teaspoon for me. It only happened about an hour ago. I kept going out with her all morning until she finally decided to produce something. The veterinarian office seems to think that will be enough for a sample. I sure hope so!

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