pearls before breakfast…

Pearls Before Breakfast

Must read the above article first…

I’m the first to admit, I don’t know Bach about Classical music. My musical background is almost non-existent. I took piano lessons, briefly, but quickly found other activities to occupy my time. I tried out for the “Sweet Sixteen” choir in middle school, but was rejected because I can’t carry a tune. Church choir and youth handbells were my next stint, where I was tolerated in the eyes of God (I didn’t read notes so instead I highlighted the notes I was to play). When high school rolled around I wanted to be in band (in percussion of course where notes weren’t as important!), but if I marched I wouldn’t be able to cheer during the football season. Cheerleading won. So, I found my creative outlet in drama instead and was inducted as an honorary “Associates” (aka band geek) member.

But, don’t take me wrong. I adore music. Celtic, Bluegrass, Old-time, Oldies, Classic Rock, Folk, New Age, Big Band, Broadway, R&B, Country and everything in between are on my iPod. As many of you are well aware, I can boogie down and know enough Girl Scout camp songs (complete with hand motions) to fill an entire evening. But, when it comes to classical music, I’m as ignorant as they come. I managed to slide by Music Appreciation for my humanities requirement in college, so I never learned what exactly I should/need to appreciate.

So, if I were in L’Enfant Plaza that day would I have stopped? Probably not. I certainly wouldn’t have recognized the music being played, and more than likely wouldn’t have recognized Joshua Bell (although I DO know who he is!). I accept that fact. Kind of like I suck at math and will always rely on my husband for .html support. However, after reading this article, I want to learn me some classical music, but I am realistic. I just want to reach Classical Music for Dummies level.

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