overseas coupon program

When I was a poor college student I became addicted to coupons as a means of survival. They became, and in many ways still are, a security blanket. Kroger always offered double coupons (up to and including $0.50) and would sometime run promotions for triple coupons or super double coupons (doubling coupons up to and including $1.00). Over the years I have become a savvy shopper, knowing what generic brands are the cheapest and whether or not coupons will drop the price enough to make the product cost effective. I also have become loyal to some brands over others and I will choose quality over price. So, although I still clip coupons like crazy, I oftentimes find myself rarely using them and dumping them in the recycling bin at the end of the month.

I found out today that military members overseas are able to use expired coupons at the commissary and there is an Overseas Coupon Program where you can adopt a base and mail them your coupons. Sounds like a little work, but worth it. After all, I can’t use any coupons that are expired! This way I have a justifiable reason to keep clipping coupons!

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